Counseling helps our clients identify areas of their lives they would like to change and work toward greater emotional health and fulfillment. In a safe, comfortable, and confidential setting, the psychologist meets with the client to examine his or her thoughts and feelings and develop strategies for healing and growth.

We provide therapy for children and adults who experience mild to severe psychological discomfort. In an initial consultation, we assist you in evaluating which type of counseling might be most beneficial. Some clients seek therapy to cope with ongoing feelings of grief, anger, or anxiety. Others seek therapy to address behavioral or learning problems in their children. Our psychologists will help you determine the best treatment option for you and your family.

Our practitioners are trained to perform Individual Counseling, Child and Family Counseling, Adolescent Counseling, Couple & Relationship Counseling, and Group Counseling, depending on your needs and personal goals.

Families relate and respond to one another in ways that affect the emotional health of the entire family. A child’s difficulties at home, at school, or both may affect the mood and behavior of the parents, which, in turn, may influence the emotional cues sent to the child. Our counseling services account for the relational nature of mental health by providing families a variety of options. Individual and group services, couples counseling, as well as specialized services for adolescents, allow the family to grow and heal together.

We Are Here

We recognize the enormous burden and stress many are currently feeling. To reduce the spread of COVID19 we are providing all services online through HIPAA secure telemedicine video conference. During this stressful time we are continuing to provide psychotherapy, psychiatry, and assessment services and we do not expect any disruption to our current patients.

Please call us at 269-408-1688 for questions about becoming a new patient.

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