Margaret Bluhm, LMSW

Margaret’s undergraduate studies were focused on language and literature as well as visual arts. She later completed a Master of Social Work degree at Western Michigan University in 1991. Now, with 25 years of psychotherapy experience, Margaret is finishing a doctoral degree at the Institute for Clinical Social Work in Chicago.

Margaret’s training and practice background has been broadly focused leading up to her doctoral studies, including providing individual, family and group therapy with an extensive knowledge base in the areas of Developmental and Complex Trauma with particular concern for the long-term effects of trauma on one’s sense of self and self in relationship.

Margaret provides psychodynamic psychotherapy. She incorporates an emphasis on Relational collaboration and developing emotional safety in the psychotherapy relationship with providing a place where psychotherapy exploration is respectful of and determined by the unique needs of the individual seeking help.

“I am through you therefore I”
e. e. cummings